Renovating Your Home In Chelsea? Organise A House Clearance!

Renovating a house is a big project. There are lots of things that you need to consider such as what kind of changes you want to make and what kind of things you need to get rid of in order to find a place for the new ones. It may be the perfect time to organise a house clearance and dispose of all of your unwanted items. There are two options for you – either to do the Chelsea house clearance yourself or hire a professional company in Chelsea to do it for you. There are pros and cons to both options. You have to think them through and choose the best one for you.

DIY house clearance:


  1. More security

Undertaking a DIY house clearance is definitely safer than hiring a company to do it.  You will feel more secure knowing that there are no strangers in your home. You will also have enough time to take a look at any bank statements, medical records and other documents that contain personal information and destroy them if you need to.

  1. Go at your own pace

House clearance should be carried out carefully. Working at your own pace will allow you to pay attention to the things that you want to dispose of and thus make sure you don’t throw away any valuable item. It will also give you the chance to do the home clearance at a convenient time for you.

  1. Save and make money

Not hiring a house clearance company in Chelsea will save you a lot of money as professional services can be quite expensive. In addition, you can even make some money by organising a yard sale. Those sales are becoming very popular and can be a financially rewarding way to get rid of your unwanted stuff.


  1. The time it takes

It will definitely take you a long time to organise and do the clearance yourself. It will be even longer if this is the first time you are dealing with such a project. You may even have to take some days off work.

  1. All the hard work

Don’t forget that removing heavy items and furniture from your property can be a rather challenging thing to do. You have to lift all of them and load them in the van. It may be impossible for just one person to do this.

  1. More stress

When dealing with waste in Chelsea on your own, you have to organise the transportation and the disposal of your items. You may experience lots of stress while dealing with these things especially if you don’t have enough experience and knowledge.

Hiring a professional clearance company:


  1. Fast service

By hiring professional experts you will actually save a lot of time. The whole service may take up to a couple of hours. The waste collectors are trained and experienced and know how to handle any junk situation.

  1. Care of the environment

Most of the companies work with local recycling centres making sure that your rubbish will be recycled or repurposed. This is good for the environment as less waste is being sent to the landfill sites local to Chelsea.

  1. Less stress

A professional house clearance company can handle the whole process for you, saving you most of the stress and anxiety. It will take care of everything from start to finish in a fast and efficient way.


  1. Possibility of making the wrong choice

There are lots of companies in Chelsea that offer professional services which make it easier for you to hire an unreliable one. Do a good research before making the final choice.

  1. Hidden costs

Hiring a reputable company in Chelsea will guarantee you that there are no hidden costs in the whole service. Less reputable ones will try to get as much money from you as they can, applying all kinds of fees along the way. Hire a company that have clear price policies and won’t charge you extra cash.

These are the pros and cons of doing the job on your own or by hiring a professional company in Chelsea. Consider them carefully before making the final decision. Keep in mind that if you choose to rely on the services of a professional team, you need to be sure that they can be trusted and won’t charge you the earth. Decide what you will do and then start planning your home renovation project. Keep in mind that you may need the help of professionals after you complete your home refurbishment project. There will be a lot of builder waste to handle so consider this when choosing a service provider for your house clearance.