5 Tips on Hiring Local Carpet Cleaning Companies in Camden

Looking for a carpet cleaning company but not sure who to choose? It’s no wonder, there are quite a few options available, so making the decision can be tricky. But if you need a reliable carpet cleaners, we want to help you out to hire the best local company which will be the right choice for your needs. With that in mind, we will share our top five tips on hiring a cleaning service you can rely on.

  1. Price is important but isn’t everything

Often when people are looking for a professional service in Camden their first priority is price, and while we totally understand that – after all who can really afford to pay more for services like cleaning? But while price is important it shouldn’t be the only thing you need to pay attention to. The other issue is, of course, the quality of the service you are looking to hire. Of course we appreciate that trying to judge the quality of a carpet cleaning firm isn’t easy just from looking at their website or talking to them on the phone, there are ways to help make a judgement, and this includes finding reviews and testimonials from previous customers. In many cases the lowest priced carpet cleaning services in Camden are able to offer a fantastic level of service, so you can easily get top quality cleaning for a low price, but it’s important to remember that price isn’t the only thing to watch out for. After all it’s far more expensive in the long run to pay for cheaper cleaners to do the job multiple times to get the quality you want, than pay once for a slightly pricier service who will do it first time

  1. Choose the cleaning service that fits your needs

It can be tempting when choosing a carpet cleaning service to choose the company first and then fit your needs around them, perhaps they only offer certain types of service or they only work at times that don’t really suit you. While some compromises may need to occur to get access to a high quality cleaning company, there shouldn’t be that many. There are so many cleaners that no matter how specific or bizarre your request may seem they will help you, there will be someone in Camden who can help fulfil it, so don’t compromise unless you are really sure it’s worth it.

  1. Don’t be afraid to shop around

Some people get so quickly swayed by the first carpet cleaners company they look at that rather than investigate any further, they simply go with that one. Sometimes the first one you look at will be the right choice, but we’d argue that you can’t really know that until you’ve investigated other options. And don’t feel bad about it because you are hiring a carpet cleaning service for you, so your needs are the priority, and should remain top priority. So no matter how nice a particular cleaning company may seem, don’t feel bad about looking at other options in Camden before settling on your choice.

  1. Ask for recommendations

If you have never hired a carpet cleaning service before then rely on the information from those who have to help you make a more informed choice. It’s never easy making a decision like this with bare and concrete information to go on, so ask around and see if your friends or family in Camden can offer any support.

  1. Consider what other cleaning services you might be able to use

It’s not uncommon for a carpet cleaning company to also offer other cleaning support. If you also happen to need some other bits and pieces doing around the house then see if the cleaning companies you’re looking at also offer help in these areas, and see if you can’t create a bespoke package to get it all done in one go and for a cheaper price. You might be surprised to find out how willing such companies in Camden are to offer discounts and special offers on multi-service packages, and it never hurts to ask.


Should You Tip Your Removals Company In Mayfair

This is a question most homeowners in Mayfair ask themselves when the removals finish the job. The answer is – it is up to you. You are not obliged in any way to tip your removal team even if you are over the moon with their services. The decision is all yours and you are the one who makes it. Here you can find useful information on why and how you should tip your removal company.


Tipping is a reward for a job well done


House removals require hard work and lots of time. When hiring a removal company in Mayfair you expect the job to be completed to a high standard but you actually do not realise how difficult and laborious moving home can be. If you have moved house on your own you will certainly want to tip your removals at the end of the job, especially if the move was smooth and seamless. Some people in Mayfair believe that it is not necessary to tip the removal team because that is what they are paid to do. Some removal companies have even instructed their employees to refuse the tips because this creates tensions between removals team who work for one company. If one of the teams get tipped and the rest don’t get any tips this may mean that they do not do their job efficiently.


How much should you tip your removals team?


There is no set amount of money you are required to pay as every removal is different. You are not obliged to tip the team but if you decide to tip them you need to consider:


  • The difficulty of the move
  • The time it took them to complete it
  • The amount of money you paid for the removal service
  • The number of workers you hired
  • The quality of the service you received
  • The type of service delivered – whether you used their packing services and materials, storage facilities, etc.
  • Their availability – whether they arrived to your address at short notice or it was a move booked well in advance
  • Discounts and deals


If you are satisfied with their work in Mayfair you can determine the amount considering these factors and tip them as soon as they compete the move.


What are the alternatives to tipping?


Home removals can be expensive and if you organise a large move you can pay a lot of money to get a quality service. If you cannot afford to tip your removals you can show your gratitude for the job well done in different ways. Show them that you appreciate their help by offering them some snacks and hot or cold drinks depending on the season.


Should you write a testimonial?


If you cannot tip the removals you can do something else to thank them. Write a testimonial and share your experience with them in different websites. Leave feedback on their website and tell other people in Mayfair about their good work. This way you will do them a favour and spread the word that the company offers top-notch removal services at low prices. You should write a review even if you are not happy with their service. Warn people in the area that they should not trust these movers especially if you have damaged or lost items. People tend to write reviews only when they are not satisfied with a certain removal service that is why most of the positive reviews in the Internet are fake. If you write a review you will let more people know what to expect from certain companies so they won’t be disappointed in the service they receive.


Tipping your Mayfair removals means that you are happy with their service and the results of their work. You are not obliged to tip the team as you will pay for their service as soon as they finish the job. If have gotten a bargain and taken advantage of a discount it would be wise to tip them as you never know when you will need professional removals help again. If you tip them once you will get a job well done the next time you hire them.


Renovating Your Home In Chelsea? Organise A House Clearance!

Renovating a house is a big project. There are lots of things that you need to consider such as what kind of changes you want to make and what kind of things you need to get rid of in order to find a place for the new ones. It may be the perfect time to organise a house clearance and dispose of all of your unwanted items. There are two options for you – either to do the Chelsea house clearance yourself or hire a professional company in Chelsea to do it for you. There are pros and cons to both options. You have to think them through and choose the best one for you.

DIY house clearance:


  1. More security

Undertaking a DIY house clearance is definitely safer than hiring a company to do it.  You will feel more secure knowing that there are no strangers in your home. You will also have enough time to take a look at any bank statements, medical records and other documents that contain personal information and destroy them if you need to.

  1. Go at your own pace

House clearance should be carried out carefully. Working at your own pace will allow you to pay attention to the things that you want to dispose of and thus make sure you don’t throw away any valuable item. It will also give you the chance to do the home clearance at a convenient time for you.

  1. Save and make money

Not hiring a house clearance company in Chelsea will save you a lot of money as professional services can be quite expensive. In addition, you can even make some money by organising a yard sale. Those sales are becoming very popular and can be a financially rewarding way to get rid of your unwanted stuff.


  1. The time it takes

It will definitely take you a long time to organise and do the clearance yourself. It will be even longer if this is the first time you are dealing with such a project. You may even have to take some days off work.

  1. All the hard work

Don’t forget that removing heavy items and furniture from your property can be a rather challenging thing to do. You have to lift all of them and load them in the van. It may be impossible for just one person to do this.

  1. More stress

When dealing with waste in Chelsea on your own, you have to organise the transportation and the disposal of your items. You may experience lots of stress while dealing with these things especially if you don’t have enough experience and knowledge.

Hiring a professional clearance company:


  1. Fast service

By hiring professional experts you will actually save a lot of time. The whole service may take up to a couple of hours. The waste collectors are trained and experienced and know how to handle any junk situation.

  1. Care of the environment

Most of the companies work with local recycling centres making sure that your rubbish will be recycled or repurposed. This is good for the environment as less waste is being sent to the landfill sites local to Chelsea.

  1. Less stress

A professional house clearance company can handle the whole process for you, saving you most of the stress and anxiety. It will take care of everything from start to finish in a fast and efficient way.


  1. Possibility of making the wrong choice

There are lots of companies in Chelsea that offer professional services which make it easier for you to hire an unreliable one. Do a good research before making the final choice.

  1. Hidden costs

Hiring a reputable company in Chelsea will guarantee you that there are no hidden costs in the whole service. Less reputable ones will try to get as much money from you as they can, applying all kinds of fees along the way. Hire a company that have clear price policies and won’t charge you extra cash.

These are the pros and cons of doing the job on your own or by hiring a professional company in Chelsea. Consider them carefully before making the final decision. Keep in mind that if you choose to rely on the services of a professional team, you need to be sure that they can be trusted and won’t charge you the earth. Decide what you will do and then start planning your home renovation project. Keep in mind that you may need the help of professionals after you complete your home refurbishment project. There will be a lot of builder waste to handle so consider this when choosing a service provider for your house clearance.


How To Choose The Right Interior Design Services

Interior design services provide a great way of giving your home style and individuality. Although interior design services were once associated with the rich, today a professional Interior Designer can offer a variety of packages for all types of budgets. There are many benefits of hiring interior design services, not least improving your property’s value through a creative, functional living space.

By speaking to an Interior Designer you can find useful ways to transform your home, creating more space and light as well as saving you money in the long run. Avoid making bad decorating mistakes and make the most of your property’s assets by working together with a reputable Interior Designer. In this way you can collaborate together to give your home an aesthetic, which reflects your personal needs and style.

Before you get interior design advice on how to decorate your home, prepare a list of ideas to discuss. Here are some guidelines to consider:

  • Decide on an affordable budget which can help to maximise your home’s long term value.
  • Collect colour swatches you like and think about different colour schemes which work well together.
  • Cut out or print designs and styles you like from interior design magazines and the internet.
  • Fill a sketch book with pictures of furniture, furnishings and fittings to discuss with your Interior Designer or Interior design company.
  • Listen to your Interior Designer’s ideas, but don’t agree on a design or colour scheme if you have any doubts. Remember you will have to live or work in the property, so make sure you are comfortable with all aspects of your home or business interior design.

What will happen when I meet with my Interior Designer?

When you first meet your Interior Designer you will have the opportunity to discuss your plans and ideas. The main key to getting the interior design you want is through open communication. Listen and discuss your plans thoroughly and be confident about your expectations and budget.

Property Advice Blog on money

When it comes to talking about finance, be very clear about your expenditure and don’t feel pushed into spending more than you have. By sticking to a conservative budget in the initial stages you can plan bigger purchases over the next few years and you won’t spend all your money at the start. In addition, make sure you understand exactly how your Interior Designer charges for their service and ask for a document, which contains a financial breakdown. This document should include information on deposits, fees, a realistic interior design deadline and what you’ll get for your money. You may want to ask questions such as:

  • Will I be charged for home and phone consultations?
  • Do I have to pay for shopping trips?
  • Will my purchases by discounted?
  • Do you require a flat fee or hourly fee?

Remember that you don’t have to spend a fortune when it comes to interior design. A couple of hours of consultation may make the world of difference to your property, so start small and ask for more advice as your budget or timeframe dictates.

How can I help my Interior Designer understand my needs?

Although words and sketches can give your Interior Designer a strong feel for your project, pictures and photographs are even more specific. By providing the Interior Designer with as much relevant information as possible you’ll find that you are both thinking along the same lines. In this way there is less chance for misunderstandings and you can clearly express your preferences. Put together photos and pictures of rooms, furniture, and colour schemes you like to help the Interior Designer create a style which is personally tailored for you.

Find an online Interior Designer – For further design related property advice, browse through online interior design sites and submit information on your individual project. Once you’ve described your room dimensions and requirements, an online Interior Designer should be able to offer you a fee and plan for your home. This should include their own personal fee and will give you the chance to contrast and compare designer’s fees, skills and portfolios from the comfort of your home.

Property Advice Blog Top Tip

If you’re looking for an Interior Designer make sure you know exactly what they offer and how you will be charged. By preparing in advance and knowing your own preferences you’ll save more time and waste less money, in order to create a beautiful space, begging to be lived in.


How to Pack Your Flat Screen TV for Relocation

Alright, guys, it’s time to pay attention, because otherwise your Sunday dates with the nice flat screen TV might suffer a lot. This TV is what immerses you and provides so much for your personal entertainment that it should be treated as best as possible during a house relocation. This is not something you can simply fling inside the removal van when the man with van company arrives. Even the man with a van team know this – take special care for the flat screen TV and make sure it is securely and safely packed so that it can survive even the roughest of roads to your new house.

First Step – Supplies

Before you even touch the TV, make sure you have all the packing supplies you will need to secure its transportation. The man and van could be the gentlest service on the face of the Earth, you still have to make sure that you are the one taking care of your TV, not them. Get a TV cover. Preferably, not a hand-made one, but a specialised one from the store. Get a box – preferably, the one you bought the TV in, or one of practical size for it. Get stuffing for the box – don’t use homemade items, use ones specialised for this, something like polystyrene or Styrofoam. Hell, if you have enough cotton, you can even use that. But no newspapers! This DIY item is not proper for this exact cause – you can use it for the rest of your items instead. Get straps as well – something stretchy, but solid. They will be used to hold the box in place, so you want reliable ones. There are also brilliant items like flat panel TV kits especially made for packing such items before transporting them.

Second Step – Pack

Cover the TV with the cover (duh). And now place it inside the box. And then fill the box and outside the cover with the stuffing. Do not put stuffing inside the cover. The cover is used to protect the TV screen from being scratched and this is its only purpose. Some stuffing can inadvertently scratch the TV, or leave a mark even if it is the softest material in the world. Be extremely careful! And after you close the box, lace it with the straps. Do not use sealing tape – that is a waste of time and sealing tape, since if a TV wants to escape a box, no tape will be enough to handle it. A nicely put strap will do the trick instead.

Third Step – Safety Tips

Now, there are a few things you should be aware of when the man and van team arrive and they have to load the TV. First of all, never place it on its side. This is the easiest way to have it tumble on the first turn, no matter how much buffer it has. Second, never place it on its front or back, or even lay something on top. The TV should be placed as you place it in the living room, and between other cardboard boxes at least as tall as this one. Your man and a van team will agree – the movers have experience carrying out domestic removals and they know best. Third, never load it first. The TV should be at the middle or at the back of the removal boxes, it should never be in the extreme end as the pressure from the other boxes may cause damage.

And now you know. Be careful with your flat screen TV and secure its safety when packing and loading. Now do all of this and you can continue doing whatever you were doing for you house removal. Once the man with a van team arrive, it’s go time, so you have to be ready for the movers, so what are you still waiting here for?


How To Clean Wooden Floors

Wood floors look great and have become increasingly popular over the last few years. They do require some work to keep them clean or else they won’t look good forever. Luckily cleaning wood floors is easy as long as you know how to do it.

The first thing you should always do when cleaning wood floors and caring for them is to follow what the manufacturer suggests to care for the floor. However, the floor may have been installed before you bought the home so this won’t be possible.

You will need to know what type of finish is on the floor and then follow the proper instructions for that type of finish. If you don’t know what type of finish is on the floor then you’ll probably want to ask a professional who would know.

To keep unnecessary dirt off of the floor, place mats or small rugs at the entrance of rooms with wood floors. You should also sweep or vacuum with regularity. The more dirt you can keep off the floor the less you’ll have to worry about any major cleaning jobs on your floor.

Also, you can prevent future problems by always cleaning up spills right away. You can do this by using a dry or slightly wet towel or cloth. Just make sure you wipe the spot dry if you use something wet.

When cleaning your floor don’t ever wet mop it. This could cause damage to the finish and the wood itself.

Cleaning wood floors is quite easy if you know how to do it. To keep your wood floor clean you should always follow the manufacturer’s advice and then care for the floor as you would any other wood floor.


Where to Start When You Have Builders Waste to Remove

It doesn’t matter whether you have had an extension or have been building a new home; the mess created will be amazing. Building work leaves behind tons of waste, dust, rubble, cement and more hazardous types of rubbish to clear away. If you have recently had building work done in your home or office you might be wondering if you are ever going to get rid of the dust and rubble that seems to be everywhere. It isn’t easy to remove this sort of waste as it is messy, dusty and a lot of it is very heavy. You will have to take care as construction clearance will be a very dirty job. Here’s how to go about it.

A really messy load of waste to get rid of

Builders are not always known for their cleanliness and the mess created when having any kind of work done is a horrendous one. But, when you want to clean up afterwards you will need to be prepared. Dust from work like this gets everywhere no matter how much covering up you have done. Heavy machinery will kick up dust from knocking down walls. But, then the messy construction of a wall for instance will mean cement getting all over floors and this is tough to remove. You may have wood, metal, glass and paint to shift as well as old furnishings. This is a job for an expert builders waste removal service. You can guarantee that they will sort through the rubbish and take it away to the proper recycling centre to be reused into other materials.

Taking care is important with this type of waste

There will be lots of heavy materials to remove. It is a good idea to hire some assistance in the form of a professional clearance company that deals with builders waste clearance. Some of these materials can be harmful to your health, so having the right person dressed in the proper protective clothing deal with them is the solution. Though you can help separate some of the rubbish, make sure you wear gloves, a mask and the proper clothing and shoes to ensure you don’t get injured. This sort of waste isn’t pleasant to handle. It is dirty and heavy and can cause blisters and even allergies if you have sensitive skin. It is easy to get hurt by nails, glass and metal too and end up in the A and E unit! So don’t attempt on a building site clearance unprepared!

Doing part of the job yourself

You can buy special heavy duty sacks for some of these types of materials. Or other options include skip hire or hiring a clearance company to call, sort, separate, load and take the waste away. You will still have a fair amount of cleaning up to do after your building work. There will be a lot of dust left and a lot of sweeping and rinsing to be done. You can sometimes still find dust weeks later after this type of work. But, having the waste disposed of properly is crucial to make sure the place is free of dangerous materials that could harm you, your family and pets.

Hire expert services to save yourself the hassle

Some builders will do their own rubbish clearance so that can be worth looking into when you are discussing the work. However, it may be better to turn to rubbish removal companies as they know what they are doing and will have the exact clearance services you require. If you use unprofessional companies may not turn up on the right date or may not do all the work you need them to. Using a well experienced service provider with proven reputation will prove less stressful.


Growing Lovely Thryptomene Shrubs in Your Garden

Plant Genus Thryptomene” represents almost 40 different types of plant species of evergreen shrubs.Thryptomene is a Greek nomenclature, which means ‘coy’ or ‘prudish’. It is named on its appearance because when you see the shrub for the first time it will appear like coy or prudish.

Thryptomene is a native plant to western, central, and eastern Australia. The shrub plant has little flowers and when blooming, the shrub gives out a modest looking. Flowers bloom in groups and plenty. During the time from winters to the spring season, the plant produces mass flowers and the whole shrub is cloaked with flowers. This becomes a lovely scene in the garden.

The plant has its typical growth behaviour. Generally, the plant attains a height of 1.5 meters. The shrub also spreads wider even up to 1.5 meters covering a substantial area. You can easily observe the arching pattern of the plant. Foliage in this shrub plant has very different, wonderful, and refreshing pungent foliage. Owing to this unique quality of thryptomenes, you should plant then near to any path so that it becomes easier to brush past it.

Thryptomene has great commercial value and you will find that florists frequently use this. It is an excellent cut flower and its life is comparatively more. Florists use them as a backing flower to highlight the feature flowers.

Thryptomene Micrantha is one of the most popular varieties with little white colours flowers and tiny foliage feature. Thryptomene Stenophylla is another lovely variety with its dark pink colour flowers. Thryptomene Calycina or the Grampians Thryptomene is all time great and the most liked variety because of its elegant tiny little white colored flowers. Walking through the lanes of these shrubs in any garden during winters or during spring times would give you a stunning experience.

You need well-prepared and well-drained soil in your garden to grow thryptomenes. The plant however, has more adapting power and would tolerate little more alkaline conditions of the soil. However, as far as possible you should prefer the neutral to acidic natured soil. These you can ensure by maintain right pH of the soil.

Once the plants have finished with flowering after the spring season, you must ensure proper pruning of the plant. You must do it with right technique. One simple way to prune is to pick the flowers away from the plant.

To facilitate fresh growth in the next season you will have to supplement the right quantity of fertilizer in the spring season itself.

Thryptomene is one of the most tolerant shrub and suitable even for rough, dry, and drought climatic conditions. It is one of the typical low maintenance plants and you can easily grow them in your garden with very little care. This plant can also be placed inside of your home in a suitable container. You can add more beauty and elegance to your living area with this amazing plant.


Drywall Taping Tips for a Seamless Wall Finish

Taping the joints, or seams, between drywall panels is part art and part know-how. With the right preparation and tips, you can cover seams with joint tape seamlessly—so your painted walls look like one piece instead of pieces of patchwork.

As you apply joint tape, you embed it into the drywall seams using joint compound (mud), a few tools and a little finesse. While the tape smoothes over the seams, it also strengthens the drywall panel construction.

Paper tape is the preference of most professionals. It is cheaper, stronger, smoother and more versatile than mesh tape. While self-adhesive mesh tape is easier to apply by hand, with less mess, it still requires covering with a special joint compound. Mesh tape can also be more difficult to hide, due to its waffle like texture.

When applying joint tape, less mud is more. By applying thinner layers of mud between drying, you reduce sanding and gain control over the finish. Mix the consistency of your mud/joint compound on the thinner side, as well, for easier application—but not too thin. It works best with a texture like pancake batter or frosting.

You can apply drywall tape two ways—by hand, or the faster way by using a taping banjo tool or drywall tape applicator with paper tape.

Materials and Tools for Taping Drywall
Joint compound (mud)—a regular all purpose premix formula available in gallon pails
Mud pan—for holding joint compound
Paper joint tape—2” standard with creased centers; or self-adhesive fiberglass mesh tape—(which requires a different type of setting joint compound for drying chemically)
Drywall knives or trowels—3”, 6” and 12”—wider trowel is for feathering final coats of mud farther out.
Taping banjo/drywall tape applicator (tool for faster tape application method)
Sand paper or sanding block

Before Taping Drywall Joints
Before taping seams, ensure there are no screws or fasteners protruding from drywall. Run a drywall knife across the wall surface and push in any sections where your knife hits a bump or screw.

Fill in any drywall seams larger than 1/8” and wipe away any excess compound filling to ensure evenness. Allow the compound mud to dry before covering with tape.

Taping Drywall Joints by Hand
Cut joint tape to length ahead of time, for the section you are working to cover.

Apply the first layer of mud over drywall seam with a knife—wider than the tape width so there will be no dry spots or bubbles when you apply the tape, which leads to unevenness and tape failure.

Place tape over the mudded seam. Pull a 5 or 6” knife along the tape, pressing horizontally and vertically to force the compound mud to ooze out from under the tape. As you work, you can add mud to the top of the tape for lubrication, further embedding paper into the seam. If tape moves, you can adjust it as you work.

Add a second coat of mud compound—wider than the first— over the tape once it is dried. Before applying a new layer of mud to the dried tape, run your knife and a rag along the seam to remove any bumps or residue. Lightly sand the edges if necessary. Apply mud farther out and feather outward to create a smooth surface with the drywall.

Add a finish coat of mud compound wider than the second coat. Before adding the final coat of mud, follow the same process, removing any bumps and sanding lightly. Then apply a thin layer of mud feathering outward another couple of inches.

Taping Drywall Joints the Faster Way
Save yourself time and trouble. Apply paper tape, along with the first layer of mud—in one step with a drywall tape applicator or taping banjo. Automatic tools dispense loaded mud and tape directly onto the wall. The process moves quickly and reduces chances of any problematic bubbling or loose tape. Once you have applied the tape, use a knife or trowel to blend and feather out subsequent layers of mud compound the same way you would by hand.

If you invest in houses, it is worth investing in a tape applicator or banjo at just $75 to $100 to increase your work efficiency. You can also rent one for a day or two.

Some Extra Drywall Taping Tips
Tape inside corner drywall seams last. Use the creased center of the paper tape as your guide as you press tape into the wall corner.

It’s fine to overlap tape where horizontal and vertical drywall seams intersect. Wait until one seam has mostly dried before applying over the top.

Keep control of your project by taping in smaller increments of 10 feet or so. You can cut paper tape at any point to connect with the next piece of tape.

Keep a pail of warm water and sponge for cleaning tools so chunks of mud don’t end up in the joint compound or behind the tape.

The more you do drywall taping, the easier it gets. Work with mud to get the right consistency and consider using a drywall tape applicator for a smoother first application.

If you start with an even drywall surface and work with care, your walls will look seamless when you are done.


With the right preparation and tips, you can cover drywall seams with joint tape seamlessly.
When you cover drywall seams with joint tape, you embed it into the seams using joint compound (mud) and joint knives or trowels.
Paper tape is the preference of most professionals for covering drywall joints—it is cheaper, stronger and more versatile than mesh tape.
By applying thinner layers of mud between drying time, you reduce sanding and gain control over the finish.
Mix your mud/joint compound on the thinner side for easier application—but not too thin.
Joint compound (mud) comes in an all-purpose premixed formula, which you mix with water.
Before taping seams, ensure there are no screws or fasteners protruding from drywall.
When applying the first layer of mud over drywall seam—spread the mud wider than the tape width so there will be no dry spots or bubbles when you apply the tape.
As you work, you can add mud to the top of the tape for lubrication, further embedding paper into the seam.
Apply each additional coat of mud farther out and feather to a smooth finish into the wall.
Save yourself time and trouble by applying paper tape at the same time you apply the first layer of mud—in one step with a drywall tape applicator.
If you invest in houses or home improvement, then a tape applicator or banjo is a smart investment for increasing work efficiency, at just $75 to $100.
Tape inside corner drywall seams last.