How to Pack Your Flat Screen TV for Relocation

Alright, guys, it’s time to pay attention, because otherwise your Sunday dates with the nice flat screen TV might suffer a lot. This TV is what immerses you and provides so much for your personal entertainment that it should be treated as best as possible during a house relocation. This is not something you can simply fling inside the removal van when the man with van company arrives. Even the man with a van team know this – take special care for the flat screen TV and make sure it is securely and safely packed so that it can survive even the roughest of roads to your new house.

First Step – Supplies

Before you even touch the TV, make sure you have all the packing supplies you will need to secure its transportation. The man and van could be the gentlest service on the face of the Earth, you still have to make sure that you are the one taking care of your TV, not them. Get a TV cover. Preferably, not a hand-made one, but a specialised one from the store. Get a box – preferably, the one you bought the TV in, or one of practical size for it. Get stuffing for the box – don’t use homemade items, use ones specialised for this, something like polystyrene or Styrofoam. Hell, if you have enough cotton, you can even use that. But no newspapers! This DIY item is not proper for this exact cause – you can use it for the rest of your items instead. Get straps as well – something stretchy, but solid. They will be used to hold the box in place, so you want reliable ones. There are also brilliant items like flat panel TV kits especially made for packing such items before transporting them.

Second Step – Pack

Cover the TV with the cover (duh). And now place it inside the box. And then fill the box and outside the cover with the stuffing. Do not put stuffing inside the cover. The cover is used to protect the TV screen from being scratched and this is its only purpose. Some stuffing can inadvertently scratch the TV, or leave a mark even if it is the softest material in the world. Be extremely careful! And after you close the box, lace it with the straps. Do not use sealing tape – that is a waste of time and sealing tape, since if a TV wants to escape a box, no tape will be enough to handle it. A nicely put strap will do the trick instead.

Third Step – Safety Tips

Now, there are a few things you should be aware of when the man and van team arrive and they have to load the TV. First of all, never place it on its side. This is the easiest way to have it tumble on the first turn, no matter how much buffer it has. Second, never place it on its front or back, or even lay something on top. The TV should be placed as you place it in the living room, and between other cardboard boxes at least as tall as this one. Your man and a van team will agree – the movers have experience carrying out domestic removals and they know best. Third, never load it first. The TV should be at the middle or at the back of the removal boxes, it should never be in the extreme end as the pressure from the other boxes may cause damage.

And now you know. Be careful with your flat screen TV and secure its safety when packing and loading. Now do all of this and you can continue doing whatever you were doing for you house removal. Once the man with a van team arrive, it’s go time, so you have to be ready for the movers, so what are you still waiting here for?